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Ready Player One

2044 year. The whole world is suffering from an energy crisis. Instead of solving problems in the real world, humanity is trying to get rid of everything vital in the virtual. At this time, the billionaire James Holliday, who developed the utopian quest Oasis, dies, he bequeaths his fortune to the craftsman who manages to find and solve the riddles encrypted in virtual reality. Competitors will not be stopped even by real murders.

It is unpleasant to look at the near future, because it may well become a reality. People live in an artificially created world, trying on one or the other role. Only there they are comfortable, they can succeed in any field, start fabulous relationships. The only thing that can pull humanity out of the World Wide Web is the desire to control money or people. Such an opportunity will soon appear: at stake is 2 in 1 - wealth and power.

The plot is taken from the book of the same name by Ernest Kline, who acted as one of the screenwriters of the movie at indofilm. The picture covers two current topics of our time at once: environmental and social. This is a film by one of the most famous directors of our time, Steven Spielberg, and his work is always distinguished by quality, fascination and eccentricity.