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Video surveillance in an apartment building

Taking into account the specifics of organizing access to an apartment building, video surveillance can provide both group and individual protection of housing. One of the undoubted benefits of installing television cameras is their preventive effect on potential violators of the order and rules of the hostel: having discovered that video surveillance is working in the entrance, an attacker can abandon his plans - video recording can provide law enforcement agencies with exhaustive evidence of his guilt.

In addition to prevention and collection of evidence in the event of illegal activities, Paket CCTV provide users with a variety of additional options that go beyond security tasks. For example, a television camera installed in a stairwell may be available to any of the tenants or only to those who financed the installation and maintenance of the system. Having access to such a camera makes it possible to:

    Check how thoroughly the entrance is being cleaned, and, if necessary, file a claim with the management company;
    Identify suspicious behavior by neighbors that is potentially related to illegal activities - for example, unofficial rentals, selling goods at home, and possibly more serious violations;
    Determine who is putting unwanted advertisements in mailboxes and prevent further attempts of this kind;
    Find the authors of the "mural" and bring them to justice for damage to property.

For the individual owner, the EZ-IP camera installed above the door also opens up a lot of possibilities, for example:

    Observe the movements of the elderly relatives left behind,
    Track what time the children returned from school,
    Find out what kind of guests teenagers receive when their parents are not at home.

In-door camera requirements include vandal resistance, built-in motion sensor recording, Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, and the ability to access live and archived images from mobile devices. To ensure the possibility of filming in the absence of indoor lighting, it is desirable to have a built-in IR illumination of a relatively short range. The latter requirement is due to the fact that more powerful sources of infrared radiation can cause excessive illumination of objects in the scene and a corresponding decrease in the distinguishability of details. Another desirable option for relatively small staircases and hallways is the "corridor" mode with a vertical orientation of the frame. This provides significant savings in the amount of transmitted and recorded information. To minimize the load on the built-in processor, a passive infrared motion sensor is included in the design of a number of EZ-IP camera models. An example of such a model is the EZ-IPC-C1B20P-W cube (box) camera. Depending on the social composition of those living in the entrance and the level of access control, vandal-proof cameras can also be used - for example, the EZ-IPC-D4B41P-ZS dome, made according to the IK10 protection class (withstands a hammer blow).